Sheepskin Car Seat Covers

Sheepskin Car Seat Covers



We specialize in sheepskin seat covers for Autos, Tracks,Vans and Motorcycles. These sheepskin seat covers are made of highest quality sheepskin which imported from Australia. Genuine sheepskin's natural insulating properties provide a cushion of air between you and your seat. This makes air to circulate so they keep you warm on those cold winter and cool & dry in summer. It is very popular for you to get a set of sheepskin seat covers today and experience real comfort and lasting protection.

These seat covers are designed with a generous width of 100% sheepskin across the front or seating portion of your seat. A matching stretch high quality man-made fur covers the back and sides of the seat base .

All the covers are cloth lined to help protect your seats. The stretch acrylic fur has an elastic bound edge to hold the seat cover firmly in place and give the cover a custom tailored look. Three sets of heavy elastic straps with hooks fasten under the seat to the seat frame or springs also holding the cover securely on the seat. High back seat covers fit an average bucket seat with either an adjustable headrest or a solid (built in, one piece) headrest. Low back seat covers fit an average low back bucket seat with either no headrest or a removable headrest. The covers slip over the back and bottom of the seat for simple easy installation in minutes.

Most colours usually as follows:Gray, Tan, Mushroom, Pearl.



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